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Kaleb and Charlee, Bismarck story_v2.jpg

Kaleb takes a break from packing to say hi to Charlee, Williston

Kaleb waits for his weapon inspection during training, Williston

Kami Clark, center, holds Charlee at her home in Williston. Clark was Kaleb's Sunday school teacher and he affectionately calls her his "other mother"

Kaleb prays with his family before dinner, Williston

A family portrait hangs above a framed quote from the Mormon book of Doctrine and Covenants in Kaleb's home in Williston

Kaleb says goodbye to a family friend at his home in Williston

Brittany holds Charlee during a sendoff for the 818th in Bismarck

Kaleb says goodbye to his family in Bismarck

Kaleb kisses Brittany goodbye before boarding a bus to the airport in Bismarck

Kaleb boards a plane to Texas in Bismarck. Anderson and the 818th Engineer Company trained there for two months before deploying to Afghanistan