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Melake holds Edekal under at dusk near their tent in the Choucha refugee camp in Tunisia story_v2.jpg

Melake poses for a portrait while holding Edekal

Elsa takes a walk around her tent with Edekal

Melake fans Edekal to keep the flies off him as the temperature closes in on 100 degrees Fahrenheit

Elsa wipes sweat off her brow after making traditional Eritrean coffee in her tent

Melake plays with Edekal while Elsa tidies up their tent

The sun sets on the Choucha refugee camp in the southeast Tunisian desert

Melake prays in the Eritrean community's makeshift Catholic church

Edekal waits for dinner in his tent

Melake and Elsa dress Edekal for their journey to Tunis

Elsa makes herself presentable for the long bus trip to the Tunis Airport while a friend holds Edekal

Edekal and Elsa say goodbye to their friends from the bus

Melake holds Edekal as the bus departs the camp

The family's baggage is weighed at the Tunis Airport

With their whole lives packed into only two suitcases, the family has few belongings to fill their new apartment in Maryland

Elsa kisses Edekal while he nurses in Maryland

Elsa, Melake, and Edekal share a happy moment

Elsa waits to meet with her case officer, who will assist her in applying for jobs

Edekal connects with a neighbor child, also a resettled refugee, while Else looks out at the trees. "Too many trees," she says. "Many more people can live here."